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On April 21, in cooperation with the Francophone University Agency (AUF), an inter-university photography contest entitled “Friendship…” was held at the University within the framework of the Bi-Monthly Francophonie Program. 11 students from NUACA Faculty of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Urban Economy and Ecology, 1 student from Yerevan State University, 1 student from State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, and 1 student from Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan presented their works at the contest.

The Jury was chaired by Associate Professor at the Chair of Architectural Design and Design of Architectural Environment G. Stepanyan; the members were Vice-Rector for International Relations V. Yedoyan, Dean of the Faculty of Design A. Melikyan, Dean of the Faculty of Urban Economy and Ecology V. Harutyunyan, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Architecture M. Igitkhanyan, Head of the Chair of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture G. Hovhannisyan, and Advisor at the Department of International Relations A. Minassian. The Jury members extended their congratulations to all the participants and noted that the participation of students in such competitions is encouraged, as participation is already a victory. The theme of the contest seems simple at first sight, but in fact it is multi-layered and subject to constant revelation. The theme must be so eloquent to be able to present itself. A lot of responsibility and a risk factor are required from the participant when submitting the work to the approval of the Jury.

All the participants were awarded with certificates of participation and incentive gifts, while the first 3 laureates were awarded with special prizes.

The winner was Elen Tsaturyan, a 2nd year student at NUACA Faculty of Design. The 2nd place was taken by Ashkhen Amaryan, a 2nd year student at the Faculty of Design, and the 3rd place was taken by Nune Aghababyan, a 3rd year student at the Faculty of Urban Economy and Ecology.

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