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National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, together with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), will implement the “Engaged Citizen” innovative interactive free course, which will touch upon the essence and principles of democracy, human rights and forms of civil participation contributing to solving public problems.

The course will be conducted by the Head of the Chair of Economics, Law and Management Tatev Yedoyan, lecturer at the eponymous Chair, the Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Center Lusine Harutyunyan, Chief Specialist at the Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance Department, lecturer Ani Hakobyan, as well as lecturers Liana Ohanyan and Hermine Aghajanyan.

The course will be conducted with modern interesting methodology, such as Continuum, Jigsaw, Human Barometer, Four-Corner methods, which are used during various international training sessions.

As a result of the course, you will acquire the following skills contributing to personal growth:

  • Critical thinking,
  • Ability to form and express your own opinion on phenomena,
  • Development of public speaking,
  • Ability to be persuasive,
  • Ability to cooperate,
  • Ability to manage time,
  • Debating skills.

Along with the knowledge gained during the course, the participants will have the opportunity to come up with a student initiative, developing a project and working to solve any public problem that concerns you.

National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia will support the implementation of the best projects and upon completion will award graduation certificates.

The course will start from October 24 and will last 6 weeks. For participation, it is necessary to register by October 14 through the following link.

In case of questions, you can write to innesc@nuaca.am email, call at tel.: 010-58-37-73 or go to Room 2110.