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University with a 100-Year History

Diploma holding architects

On June 23 NUACA BA and MA degree graduates received their diplomas during the solemn ceremony organized in the RA Architects Union and with the pledge of ”’being faithful to the mission of the architect, perish the architectural, historical and natural legacy, appreciate the needs of society and  the works of the colleagues”.

As baptized architects NUACA launched 42 master degree graduates 19 of whose with honors and 122 bachelors, 33 of them also graduated with honors.

The NUACA Provost Gagik Galstyan, Dean of Architecture Faculty Sargis Tovmasyan, Head of Architects Union Mkrtich Minasyan, Head of Architectural and Environmental Design Chair Karen Rashidyants, guests and parents of the graduates attended the solemn ceremony.

Congratulating the graduates NUACA Provost called them to step by our University always and do the first steps guided by the elders. ”Your success today is also ours. I am hopeful that you will never forget your University and all whose who inherited you the most valuable- knowledge. We always stand by you”.

Dean Tovmasyan greeted and encouraged the graduates reminding that our specialists launched from NUACA are never left behind the best world experts and cited from the famous saying of the known architect, -“Constructing something listen to your city, while in destructing listen to your heart”.

Congratulation speeches were also delivered by Mkrtich Minasyan and Karen Rashidyants with advice of staying faithful to the mission of the architect, maintaining the honor of homeland, city and university high-standing and as Mr. Rashidyants mentioned, -“To implement all these and mature into a professional you have all the prerequisites”.

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