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Cooperation agreement was signed between the NUACA and AUN

As we have already informed, yesterday the delegation of Arctic University of Norway (AUN) visited to the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia within the two-year academic cooperation program between the two universities. 

As a result of effective discussions with Rector Gagik Galstyan and the teaching staff it was decided to sign a cooperation agreement aimed at modernizing scientific and innovative educational programs and providing training and upgrading based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit.

Today, under the 5-year contract signed by Dean of the Faculty of Construction, Energy and Materials Science of Arctic University of Norway, Professor Sorenson Bjorn and Rector of NUACA Gagik Galstyan, the two universities will continue to collaborate in the fields of construction, thermal and sound insulations, automated control systems, energy efficiency in sustainable construction, smart cities, building modeling, and will carry out bilateral educational programs, student and professor exchange programs, will organize scientific, methodological conferences, seminars and exhibitions of mutual interest and conducted by each of the parties and will collaborate within European and other programs.

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