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Just a few hours ago the 11th international conference on “Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction” is lunched at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.
The guests were welcomed, according to the University’s tradition; with Armenian warmth, talented students’ work and multilingual greetings. The guests were impressed, excited and ready to start their presentations and desiccations at the most hospitable university in the country.
The 11th conference – aimed at presenting the results of scientific researches, their practical solutions in the field of architecture and construction and establishing international scientific cooperation – joined rectors, deans and professors of Architectural and Construction Universities of China, Poland, Russia, Italy, United States, Iran and Georgia at the NUACA. This is the third time that NUACA hosts the conference – in 2008, 2010 and 2016, when we were celebrating our university’s 95th anniversary.
Rector Gagik Galstyan welcomed the participants from the best universities in the world for the “Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction” conference, expressing his gratitude to all the organizers and reaffirming the importance of the conference from the point of view in raising awareness of the issues facing architecture and construction, experience exchange programs among representatives of different nationalities and cultures and internationalization and popularization of scientific activities. “The conference will bring together the collective scientific potential of the fields outlined, show the qualitative changes and progress in both Armenian and international scientific life, point to new directions, becoming a unique benchmark for future works” – said Rector Galstyan, adding that the conference is also an invaluable platform for engaging our students, our future builders, future professionals, lecturers, scientists, as listening and taking on the experience of professional and notable people is a unique learning process in itself.
Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia Arayik Harutyunyan was not present, but sent a greeting to the participants, which particularly said: “The modern demands of economic development in the 21st century are directly attributable to the consolidation and modernization of the disciplines of science, including the potential of architecture and construction. Such events are important and encouraging, as they make the future expectations more pretentious. I wish all the co-organizers and participants of the conference productive working process and success.
Vahagn Vermishyan, Chairman of the RA Urban Development Committee, agrees that the conference is a great opportunity for architects and builders, and is confident that the participants of the conference will still miss our country.
Malkhas Bediashvili, academician of the Georgian Academy of Construction, confesses that he is more interested in seismic construction, since buildings and structures are not built in Georgia in accordance with seismic norms, and the conference is a great opportunity to master the experience of Armenians, but he cannot hide his enthusiasm for the Yerevan sun and the golden autumn.
Head of Master’s School of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ms Chengshi, is in Armenia for the third time, he was also looking forward to the conference in Armenia and highlighted it, especially in the context of sharing experiences and making new friends.
On October 14 and 15, the speakers of the 11th International Conference on “Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction” will present scientific reports on “Construction, Construction Mechanics, Materials, Technologies”, “Construction and Connection Materials, Concrete Technologies, the use of modern materials in architecture “,” Environmental engineering “,” Buildings Engineering Support”,” Geodesy including mapping and cadastre “,” Building information modeling (BIM) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies”.
And on October 16, our guests will get acquainted with the historical-architectural heritages of Armenia; will enjoy the autumn sun and take happy photos with them to remember us until the next meeting.

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