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A commemorative evening in honour of the death anniversary of late Artavazd Arzumanyan, civil engineer, PhD in Technical Sciences, held at NUACA, was attended by A. Ghularyan, Chairman of NUACA Board of Trustees, Y. Vardanyan, NUACA Rector, G. Galstyan, President of the Union of Builders of Armenia, Vice-Rectors, Heads of Chairs, A. Arzumanyan’s family members, relatives, friends and other honoured guests. The event was opened with the screening of a documentary about Mr. Arzumanyan’s life and activities, made by his family in honour of the 70th anniversary of the famous builder. The documentary was quite moving, and many of the guests confessed that, having known Mr. Arzumanyan for many years, they were unaware of a number of important episodes of his life and his numerous interests. There were many commemorative speeches, the words of adulation were abundant, but a silent thought with a red thread kept hovering in minds of those present: “Alas! You did not hear these words in your worldly life, my dear friend…”

Artavazd Avetik Arzumanyan was posthumously awarded the Gold Medal for “Substantial Contribution to Urban Development” by the Urban Development Committee for his significant contribution to the field of urban development.

Artavazd Arzumanyan was born in 1952 in Yerevan. In 1973-1978 he studied at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, majoring in “Industrial and Civil Construction” specialty, later on in 1982-1985 he continued his studies as a PhD student at Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute (the USSR Gosstroy) in Moscow. For many years, with his professional background and skills, he made an invaluable contribution to the former Armenian Scientific-Research Institute of Architecture and Construction (Armenian Research Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Protection of Constructions under the RA Ministry of Urban Development) as a scientific researcher, Head of the Scientific-Research Department, Head of the Scientific-Research Laboratory, and later on the Scientific Director of the Institute. In 2014-2020 he was appointed Head of the Chair of Production of Construction Materials, Items and Structures of NUACA. He passed away in 2020.

In the course of his professional activities, Artavazd Arzumanyan implemented numerous reconstruction and reinforcement projects for residential, new public buildings of industrial, transport and spiritual-functional significance, for structures damaged by earthquake and other natural and technogenic hazards not only in Armenia, but also in Russia, India, Iran, and Georgia. As a supervisor, he participated in a number of scientific-research activities in the field of building structures, construction materials and technologies, as well as in the development of the normative-instructional documents in the Republic. The scientist played an irreplaceable role, particularly in the fields of inspection, expertise, reinforcement, study and reconstruction of the technical state of buildings. He was posthumously awarded the Gold Medal for “Substantial Contribution to Urban Development”.

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