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Believe, Pray and St. Sargis will make your dream come true

There is a special day during dull and freezing winter which is hopefully expected by young people. They believe that the colorful dream full of love seen that day will foresee something new and change their whole life. The latter may sound unlikely, but the fact that miracles happen with the mediation of St. Sargis is indisputable. The feast day of St. Sargis the Warrior is accepted to celebrate not only along with church rituals, but with prayer. The night before the feast young people eat salty cookie with the hope to see their future bride or groom. Besides, they put pokhindz on the roof or in the balcony by expecting the footprint of St. Sargis Warrior’s horse on it as well as give postcards and candies to each other. 

Tomorrow, on February 8, at 11:00 am, the Divine Liturgy will be served in all churches named after St. Sargis on the occasion of the feast of the Armenian patron saint of love and youth, St. Sargis the Warrior. In the end, a blessing ceremony for young people will be held.

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