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Artsakh and NUACA will join for an important mission

The physical and commodity security of humanity always prevails in all over the world and especially in the dwellings existing in the lines of war and permanent tension.

Today NUACA hosted the hero of Artshakh and the deputy of NKR National Assembly Vitaly Balasanyan who was at our University with an important mission and confident that there is ”no evil without goodness”, hence the evil made to review the problem of restoration and reconstruction of dwellings closer to borders.

Artsakh authorities trusted this important and responsible job to NUACA. As Mr. Balasanyan mentioned in his speech, Rector Galstyan leads a huge construction company-”Horizon 95”, while the University is the best with its high-level specialists and modern devices.

Balasanyan was sure that the problems of physical and commodity security in Artsakh will be solved by the joint efforts of the NKR Ministry of Urban Construction, NUACA, ”’Armenia” Panamanian foundation and Artsakh state budget means as well as by the help of individual donations and charities to build modern shelters against bombing, reconstruct the schools, houses and roads; ”Both the space of creatures above earth and underneath must be equally cared and reconstructed. This will be a new culture”,- mentioned Mr. Balasanyan.

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