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Armenian-Italian Business Forum was held in Yerevan today, attended by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Italian Ambassador to Armenia Vincenzo Del Monaco and Rector of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, President of the Union of Builders of Armenia Gagik Galstyan.

Presenting the reforms to the Italian businessmen implemented in Armenia over the past years, the Prime Minister noted that he is glad for the strengthening of the Armenian-Italian economic connections, as these relations are traditional: “You have appeared in Armenia at the right time when the government intends to create all the opportunities for the realization of their creative capabilities. Economic connections have not only purely economic component but also human, cultural, humanitarian, because in my opinion our people are very close to their nature, essence, their perceptions and traditions”.

Welcoming the participants of the conference in Armenian, Ambassador Vincenzo Del Monaco underlined that this is an important meeting between the Italian business representatives and the Armenian government. “My compatriots were once a little hesitant to come to Armenia and start a business. If I did not have the admiration and confidence in this country, this event would not have been organized”. Indeed, Armenia is a country with great potential; the ambassador noted and added that the centuries-old Armenian-Italian connection will be strengthened as a result of this conference.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Union of Builders of Armenia and the National Association of Builders of Italy (ANCE), aimed at promoting close relations between the two organizations as well as supporting further cooperation between Italian and Armenian engineering, infrastructure, construction, rehabilitation and development.

The memorandum is valid for a period of time until the written statement of one of the parties.

The conference will last two days. Tomorrow the participants will visit Gyumri, where the IDEA Foundation and DEEM Communication will present the city-related programs that may have prospects for cooperation with Italian companies.

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