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The Chair of Ventilation, Gas and Heat Supply together with “Termoros Armenia” CJSC held a joint three-day seminar-course dedicated to the latest equipment of heating and cooling systems, as well as the training on modern calculation software in the field. The seminar was conducted by Razmik Zarifian, Technical Director at “Termoros Armenia” CJSC, Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Engineer. The latter introduced the participants to the implementation of heating and cooling calculations through the HAP calculation software.

The specialists of “Termoros Armenia” presented the services of the company, the implemented projects, values and brands. With the demonstration of the models of “#Jaga” and “#FAR” brands, they more vividly touched upon the technical characteristics and advantages of heating radiators and separation junctions with a thermostatic mixing valve.

The seminar was also attended by NUACA Rector Y. Vardanyan, Chief of the Staff H. Hoveyan, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs G. Stepanyan, Head of the Chair of Ventilation, Gas and Heat Supply Anna Karamyan, as well as lecturers and students of different years. The Rector underlined the importance of holding such seminars, noting that according to the agreement reached, from now on such events will be continuous. Tangible results can be achieved only through joint efforts, contributing to the development of the sphere. In her opening speech, Head of the Chair A. Karamyan noted that such seminars with the leading organizations in the field are very useful for students.

The certificates will be awarded in “Termoros Armenia” CJSC, about which additional information will be provided.

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