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A Cooperation Prospect With the University of Tolyatti

Today, the delegation of the Tolyatti State University, headed by Rector Mikhail KRYSHTAL, visited the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

The visit was cognitive, but it became important also for signing the cooperation agreement on strengthening of bilateral ties. The NUACA Rector, Dr. GALSTYAN welcomed the delegation of Tolyatti University, introduced the guests with the  international relations, the scientific and educational developments of our University and stressed the importance of  joint educational programs and conferences.

The cooperation and friendship between our University and a number of Russian HEIs has many years of experience. As Rector Mikhail KRYSHALAL mentioned, a large number of Armenian students studied at the University of Tolyatti, which is a good reason for signing the agreement. Rector KRYSHTAL, presenting the activities of their University, emphasized the idea of ​​granting a double degree diploma to the graduates of joint programs defined by the NUACA and Tolyatti State University.

In this context, Rector GALSTYAN mentioned about the trilateral agreement signed among the NUACA, the Armenian State University of Economics and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. 

After paving the grounds for cooperation and discussing issues of bilateral interest, the Russian delegation was toured at our University, visited its auditoriums, labs, workshops and studios.


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