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University with a 100-Year History


The interest of foreigners in Armenia and the Armenian historical and cultural heritage is increasing year by year. The delegations arriving at our university, willingness to carry out joint work, are evidence of that.

Today, for a one-week period, 12 students from Cornell University in the United States came to our university under the direction of Cultural Studies Lori Khachaturyan, architect-urban builders Alexander Meldorff and 4 students from the Industrial University of Tyumen, Russia. Specialists from the United States are interested in the restructuring of the post-Soviet abandoned industrial areas in Armenia, in particular, the idle building of Charentsavan machine-tool factory.

Rector Gagik Galstyan welcomed the students of Tyumen, Cornell as well as YSU Faculty of Cultural Studies and our University. He underlined that such educational and cognitive initiatives create close relations between students from different countries and wished them pleasant and productive working days.

And the working days for Cornell and Tyumen University students have long been started. Today they presented their preliminary projects. Some of the students imagined Charencavan’s restructured machine-tool factory as a library, a hotel, cafes, a closed or tourist town, an organic produce area, and some, the extreme sport gym, the photo album about Armenia and Armenian culture by Alexander Meldorff was also noteworthy, which represented our country, from the Urartian period to our days.

Tomorrow, students of Cornell, Tyumen, YSU and our university, headed by Zara Mamyan, Head of the Urban Development Department, will be in Charentsavan, will get acquainted with the area on the spot, work in groups and present the final projects on Thursday.