National University of Architecture
and Construction of Armenia

University with European Accreditation

National University of Architecture
and Construction of Armenia

University with European Accreditation



Job Description:

Construction work management, planning and control

Job responsibilities:

  • Plan and organize the construction works and production, provide sequence of production processes and schedule.
  • Cooperate with the heads of construction sites
  • Organize and control the right process of production processes.
  • Implement production volumes analysis based on daily, monthly predictions
  • Control the proper use of devices and equipment, machinery and other products participating in the production process
  • Develop, introduce quality control methods and ways to ensure and monitor their implementation.
  • Manage construction in accordance with medium and long-term business plans of the company.
  • Ensure the organization of engineering staff work.
  • Organize and monitor enterprise safety activities
  • Manage the work process of engineering department staff
  • Sign and mark documents, give instructions and monitor their performance within its competence.
  • Submit suggestions to management for improving their performance
  • To carry out cooperation with the heads of the structural subdivisions, receive information and documents from them, which are necessary for the performance of its functions
  • Based on the designs drawn up by the organization’s engineering service, make estimates that will be an integral part of the contract.
  • Perform other tasks given by the Director

Required skills


  • Higher education (Master’s degree)


  • Relevant work experience.
  • Planning, organizational, analytical and presentation skills
  • Excellent communication skills, problem solving and quick decision making skills, the ability to work in a tense mode,
  • Knowledge of foreign languages will be regarded as an advantage.

Interested candidates can send their CVs  to,

For more details, please call 060-50-05-80, 010-58-01-56 or contact to Career Center.

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