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“Crushed History – The art of Counter-Memory”

“Among the hundreds of submissions for a German national memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, Horst Hoheisel´s design embodied very precisely the impossible questions at the heart of Germany´s memorial process.

Hoheisel proposed a simple, if provocative anti-solution to the 1995 memorial competition: blow up the Brandenburger Tor, grind its stone into dust, sprinkle the remains over its former site, then cover the entire memorial area with granite plates. How better to remember a destroyed people than by a destroyed monument?” * ( James E. Young, Horst Hoheisel´s Counter-memory of the Holocaust: The End of the monument)

Mr. Hoheisel was born in Poznan, Poland and he lives and works in Kassel, Germany. He developed often together with architect Andreas Knitz new shapes of monuments, which became internationally known as “counter-memorials.” The TEAM Hoheisel&Knitz has participated in numerous exhibitions, art projects, and interventions and has designed counter memorials dealing with the usually tabooed topics of past dictatorships, social traumata and violent events in Germany, Austria, the U.S.A. and Latin America. In this panel with a special focus on Counter-Monuments Horst Hoheisel and Andreas Knitz will present the memorialization works that they produce.


*The public talk will be held in English, there will be simultanous translation during the talk.


Speakers: Horst Hoheisel & Andreas Knitz
Moderator: Astghik Igityan

11.05.2017, 16:00-18:00
Special Events Auditorium, The Cafesjian Center for the Arts

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