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The faculty offers full-time and part-time learning of bachelor and master degrees with the following specialties: Informatics (computer science), Information systems, Economics, Accounting and taxation. The faculty comprises the chairs of Informatics, Computer Science and Management and Economics, Law and Management. Full-time Bachelor's degree is 4 years, Master's degree is 2 years, part-time Bachelor`s degree -5 years, part-time Master`s one - 2.5 years.




The Chair of Informatics, Computer Science and Management Systems prepares:

Specialists in Informatics (Computer Science) who are specialized in up-to-date trends in the development of Informatics and Computer Sciences are capable of designing, developing software, implementing and operating computing, telecommunication systems and complexes. Can apply the basic principles and methods of the field for solving professional problems in different research institutes and enterprises. Specialists in Information systems are specialized in mathematical, linguistic, information and software analysis and development models, methods and tools of computer and automated systems. Graduates could apply the basic principles and methods of the field for solving professional problems in different research institutions, banks and enterprises. There are 3 computer labs and 1 laboratory attached to the Chair of Informatics, Computer Science and Management Systems, which are equipped with computers.



The chairof Economics Law and Management

Specialists in economics who have a systematic knowledge of economics, can present fundamental concepts, approaches, principles, international experience and current issues. Its graduates could do professional research, present the results in writing and orally. Able to identify problems in the field, analyze causes and suggest effective solutions. They could develop and analyze project estimate documents. Its graduates can work in public institutions and private enterprises, in the banking system.Specialists in accounting and taxation who are familiar with the specifics of accounting for a construction company and possess specific research methods in the field. Graduates have the opportunity to work in construction companies as an accountant and, after acquiring and training, as chief accountant or financial director. Accounting is currently one of the professions without which no public or private organization can operate. There are 4 auditoriums adjunct to the Chair of Economics, Law and Management equipped with computers and projectors.



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Dean of Management and Technology Faculty

PhD Associate Professor Marine Grigoryan

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