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About Us

Design faculty is preparing accomplished professionals gifted with competitive characteristics in current specializations and schedule.


Design, Graphic Design, Environment Design

After graduation students can continue to gain master degree, which is 2 year long program corresponding to selected specializations. After graduating the master course the student develops both projecting and research skills and knowledge. His/her mission is to do research and analysis on the observed topic and offer creative, new project on the basis of the master thesis. We are going to open one more master degree course-Art management. Where we are going to prepare professionals who present, develop and produce to consumer market different cultural and creative events in the field of art and design.



Industrial Design

Direction which covers thousand year history of the material world of “Homo Sapiens” starting from the first attempts of making his space comfortable and beautiful till modern innovative secrets of formation. In addition, term “Design” has several translations, in which designer is “planner”, “creator of new beautiful things” and even “a brainy man”. Graduators with the specialization of “Industrial Design” will design “beautiful novelties” in wide spectrum: household items and equipments, toys, furniture, non-standard design objects, transportation etc.


Graphic Design

Direction by which humanity is presented in numerous tones of conscious life by the visual characters: information (design of magazines,posters, billboards, visual communication), brand identity (logotypes, corporate style package and fonts, their application),packaging design,advertisement (static-printable character graphics, dynamic-animation clips etc.),communication and fun (design of websites, computer games etc.).




Environment Design

This direction has a purpose to teach and develop strengthening of environment characteristic and needed abilities, skills of environmental elements creation. In particular are being observed:design of apartments and private houses, design of relaxation and recreation zones, non-standard, applied, decorative and landscape elements,design of public events (non-stable forms, color, illumination etc.), design of characteristic elements of exterior design (entries-doors, showcases,canopies, signboards, renovation and landscape gardening).



Contact us

105 Teryan Street, Yerevan 0009, Armenia

www.nuaca.am/faculty-of-design, Tel.:+374 10 582937

Dean of the Design Faculty: Prof. Armen Bubushyan

E-mail: armbubushyan@gmail.com, Tel.: +374 91 416637