University with a 100-Year History

Chair of theoretical mechanics

The Chair was established in 1931 within the newly founded Institute of Construction to apply the branches of mechanics in the engineering specialties.  From 1930 to 1939 the head of the Chair was professor and later on the member of the Academy of Sciences Alexander Hakobyan who had done scientific research in various fields of theoretical mechanics and thermodynamics, justified the second law of thermodynamics, composed the theoretical mechanics course by vectored calculations as well as highly contributed to the establishment of the Chair and recruitment of specialists in Chair’s endeavors.

During the next 30-40 years the core of the Chair was made by faculty representatives Ashot Ter-Mkrtchyan, Torgom Khachatryan, Hakob Khalapachyan, (was the head of Chair from 1941 to 1944),  Nagush Harutyunyan, Varazdat Ivanyan, Gevorg Gyonjyan, Lusya Karapetyan.

Torgom Khachatryan was the head of Chair from 1939 to 1940 and then again from 1944 until the end of his life in 1980. His studies were dedicated to research activities in curved rods, plates and coatings theory. They were highly valued in the Soviet school and recognized by its leader V.Z. Vlasov. He had his great contribution in the quality of personnel training as well.

Since 1960s the Chair employed docents Suren Durgaryan, Mkrtich Aloyan, Armenak Petrosyan, Vagharshak Vardanyan, Vladimir Tonoyan, Harutyun Khalatyan, Harutyun Kasamanyan, Varuzhan Mikaelyan, Suren Gevorgyan, Gagik Movsisyan, Sahak Sahakyan, Melqon Melqonyan, Artavazd Avetisyan, Martin Sargsyan, Liparit Vardanyan, Albert Gurgenyan, Nikolay Sargsyan, Galina Avanesova, Sergey Demurchyan, Zaven Martirosyan, Henrik  Miqayelyan, Arsen Musayelyan, Hrachik Avetisyan, Hrachya Shahazizyan, Michael Galstyan, Norik Arevshatyan, Vadim Ananyan, Samvel Gabrielyan, Manvel Poghosyan, Hovhannes Toqmajyan, Suren Harutyunyan, laboratory assistants Henrik Khachatryan, Araqsya Botoyan, Zaruhi Baghdasaryan, Susanna Babayan. Along with academic activities of the Chair its staff was engaged in civil and social activities holding various responsible positions.

Hrachya Shahazizyan of the Chair in his research activities in theoretical mechanics and a variety of other engineering disciplines won the title of vessel sports world champion for seven times. Department staff members have trained their academic qualifications in foreign countries’ reputable universities and research centers in close cooperation with them. Many members of the Chair deliver lectures in foreign languages (English, French, German) in higher educational institutions of alien countries and were granted with numerous awards and acknowledgments.

In 1980 the head of Chair was Professor Gevorg Gyonjyan, replaced by professor Stepan Zargaryan. Nikolay Sargsyan and  Liparit Vardanyan defended their doctoral theses during this period of time. Studies were done in the various problems of elasticity, plasticity, thermal elasticity, thermal plasticity, hydromechanics, coatings and plates, theory of mechanisms and other aspects of science.

In  1993 the Chair was reorganized under the new name of “Theoretical Mechanics and Strength of Materials”. The head of Chair was appointed Nikolay Sargsyan. From 1997 to 2000 the head of Chair was professor Suren Darbinyan. The Chair has developed a large number of manuals,  as well as translated into Armenian language classical and contemporary textbooks on theoretical mechanics.  Since 2006 PhD, associate professor Albert Gurgenyan heads the works of the Chair. The main research topics of the Chair are mechanics of solid materials, mechanics of deformable materials, plates and coatings, aero-and hydrodynamics, vibrations and stability, plasticity theory and slip theory.

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Gabrielyan Samvel Liparit Ph.D. (Candidate of Science)
Gurgenyan Albert Docent, Candidate of physical-and-mathematical science
Sona Valesyan Doctor of Engineering
Norik Gevorg Arevshatyan PhD of technical sciences, Associate professor
Michaelyan Varuzhan Vanya Ph. D. in Physicо-Маthematical Science, Docent