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Internal Grant Programs

Since 2021, the program of awarding internal grants has been introduced at the University in accordance with the procedure approved by NUACA Scientific Council.

Grants are awarded to promote scientific-research work as well as to ensure student participation in its implementation.

The competition is open to representatives of the main academic staff holding a scientific degree and scientific researchers of the University, including students.

In 2021 the following topics were recognized as winners of the competition (2 million AMD each):

  1. “Development and Testing of Instrument Monitoring Complex of the Superstructure of the Bridges” Program

Supervisor of the topic: Artashes Sargsyan, PhD in Technical Sciences

Participating students: Taron Baghdasaryan, Eleonor Harutyunyan

The Aim of the Program:

In recent years, due to the increase in traffic intensity and traffic jams on urban road networks and bridges, the impact of portable load on the carriers of superstructures has increased.

As a result of the program, a set of measuring and recording instruments and a guideline for its utilization will be developed, which will allow to implement monitoring of the technical condition of the bridges without expensive testing or traffic interruption.

  1. “Modernization of Pre-Estimate Normative Information Database of Construction Machines, Mechanisms, Tools and Equipment” Program

Supervisor of the topic: Armine Ghulyan, PhD in Technical Sciences

Participating students: Armen Avetisyan, Satenik Hayrapetyan

The Aim of the Program:

As a result of the research, a semi-automatic database on construction machines, mechanisms, tools and equipment will be established, which will contribute to the provision of reliable and up-to-date data for the development of organizational and technological projects and the preparation of estimate documents. 

  1. “Development of the Methodology of Experimental Research Aimed at Increasing the Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Buildings” Program

Supervisor of the topic: Siranush Egnatosyan, PhD in Technical Sciences

Participating students: Karen Movsisyan, Spartak Sargsyan, Davit Hakobyan.

The Aim of the Program:

As a result of the research works:

  • Technically new, low-cost solutions for reducing energy consumption of buildings will be offered.
  • A new methodology for instrumental measurement and data collection will be developed.
  1. “Design and Creation of a Laser Deformometer” Program

Supervisor of the topic: Hovsep Petrosyan, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Participating students: Vahan Gevorgyan, Tatevik Khachikyan

The Aim of the Program:

At present, in the case of geometric and hydrodynamic leveling methods, the sediments and movements of the control points are determined by direct measurements of the superelevation from the initial or starting point.

As a result of the program, a new measurement system will be proposed, which can determine the sediments of the control points not by direct measurement of superelevations, but the imminent superelevation will be determined by the movement of the beam of a fixed laser sensor registered at each point in the laser receiver located at the control point, and the superelevation between the control points will be measured based on the received data.

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