National University of Architecture
and Construction of Armenia

University with European Accreditation

National University of Architecture
and Construction of Armenia

University with European Accreditation


Mission of the Education Quality Assurance Center

The mission of the Center is to create and develop a system of internal quality assurance at the University and the culture of continuous improvement of the quality of education.



  • Establishing uniform quality standards in all key areas of NUACA activities, harmonization, implementation and coordination of CAC processes.


  1. Establishment of a regulatory and organizational framework for the external evaluation and accreditation of NUACA Institutional and its educational programs.
  2. Ensure the connection between internal and external quality assessment of NUACA.
  3. Ensure access to public and accurate information on the quality of NUACA education, and ensure accountability to internal and external stakeholders.



  • Develops regulatory, procedural and standard documents for the internal quality assurance of NUACA,
  • Coordinates and supervises the implementation of internal quality assurance processes and continually improves them, providing support to all divisions of NUACA.
  • Supports continuous improvement of the quality of education services in cooperation with external and internal stakeholders,
  • Systematizes, initiates and implements local and international programs aimed at improving internal quality assurance processes,
  • Develops internal quality assurance procedures for the approval, monitoring and review of educational programs, systematizes and supports their implementation in the subdivisions of NUACA and checks their compliance with the established  guidelines, criteria and standards,
  • Coordinates and carries out the quality processes related to the assessment and evaluation of learning and teaching.
  • Develops tools and procedures for teaching, learning and student assessment;
  • Evaluates the teaching staff’s teaching-methodological activities and its effectiveness.
  • Promotes the involvement and awareness of students in quality assurance processes
  • Cooperates with the Standing Committees of the Scientific Council and Departments of Scientific Councils and supports their work,
  • Organizes the institutional accreditation process of NUACA, the implementation of appropriate analysis, the preparation of the report and the planning and control of subsequent activities;
  • Coordinates the work of the subdivisions of the University during the expert visits of the accrediting bodies;

Organizes and coordinates the self-assessment processes of the NUACA educational programs and supports them during external assessment and accreditation processes.

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