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  1. The scope of professional activity and tasks

The profession of “Water Supply and Drainage” offers a diversity of areas for activity which are of considerable importance for the economic development of the country.

The main tasks of this specialty are the study, calculation, maintenance and complex use of water resources in the economy, the implementation of river regulation, and the measures conducted against floods and mudflows, etc.

In compliance with the complex use of water resources, the fields of the particular profession change. The main and the most important fields are the construction of hydroelectric stations and hydroelectric power plants, water supply and drainage of settlements, and irrigation and drainage of lands.

Features of the specialty

The specialist can find a job in the sectors of design, construction, and operation of structures of the mentioned fields. The peculiarity of the structures of this profession lies in the fact that they mainly present activity under the influence of water pressure. Despite the design and construction work, specialists carry out observations regarding the condition of operating structures and equipment, implement preventive maintenance and capital repair, reconstruction work corresponding to technological advancement.

Required professional knowledge

While studying, the student gains necessary knowledge and design skills for both specializations:

“Water supply and drainage”:

It is a complex of engineering structures designed to draw water from natural sources, if necessary, to clean and supply to the consumer.

The structures include drinking water and sewage treatment plants, water inlets, water conduits, day-to-day regulation reservoirs, pumping stations, external water supply and drainage networks, sewage collectors, and storm water drainage.


It is desirable for the “Construction and Operation of Water Systems” specialty applicant to have enough knowledge of mathematics and physics as well as willpower in order to be awarded the title of a construction engineer.  

The graduates of this specialty may find a job in the following state organizations: Water Committee of RA MTAI, “HAYJRNAKHAGITS INSTITUTE” (CJSC), “ARMHYDROENERGYPROJECT”(CJSC), “VEOLIA DJUR” (CJSC), project institutions and offices.


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