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General information on the scope of the activity of the specialist:

The scope of the activity of both interior and exterior designer involves the following specialized directions:

  • · Architectural planning and design of volumetric space objects of urban environment and landscape, amelioration and renovation of different kinds of areas of various functional importance.
  • · Conceptual and design development of interior and exterior spaces and the decorative objects of urban and park areas of residential, public and industrial spaces.
  • · Development of furnishing for various areas: pavilions, sunshields, billboards, street furnishing, playgrounds, fountains, signboards, portals, transportation zones, parking, urban recreational spaces, design details, etc.
  • · Functional and spatial environmental design for planning leisure time, entertainment, events, and exhibitions.

The tasks, a specialist should fulfill in the frames of the professional activity:

The main tasks for the particular specialist are:

  • · Prerequisites of artistic and intellectual skills design activities, contributing to the outcomes of design
  • · Putting creative thinking, design thinking, décor design, and unique ideas into action
  • · Showing a principle approach of the design process to step-by-step developing design outcome in a design project
  • · Use of design and artistic tricks for organizing, creating, and harmonizing interiors of different styles, and importance as well as using the latest technologies.
  • · Knowledge of methods for design solutions and ability to hold a professional practice. The following tasks one may face:

Specification of project tasks-project analysis- development-project implementation

  • · The peculiarities and advantages of the profession:

Today, the academic programme “Environmental Design” is quite popular and the profession plays a considerable role in the market. The profession with its creative nature is related to various similar professions, which in turn contribute to the design idea and practical outcome.

The main skills, abilities, and characteristics that are necessary for studying and future effective professional activity

Skills and abilities:

  •  Design skills in improving the urban environment
  •  Excellent verbal and written skills in the frames of the field
  •  Ability to make creative comparisons
  •  Typological and compositional analysis skills
  •  Research and planning skills
  •  Ability to take object measurements
  •  Ability to assess the form and content of the project result
  •  Ability to clarify design concepts and analyze construction art
  •  Ability to clarify the tasks regarding design, decoration and furnishing of interior and exterior design
  •  Ability to develop design solutions, details and accessories
  •  Ability to apply the latest construction materials and technologies
  •  Ability to use design computer software




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