University with a 100-Year History

Chair of railways, bridges and tunnels

The department of “Railways, Bridges and Tunnels” was established on 1 September 2011 on the foundation of Road-bridges department  at Yerevan Polytechnic Institute operating from 1938-1944. The Chair of Automobile Roads was opened in the restructured department of Construction at Yerevan Polytechnic Institute in 1957 (Head of Department was the honored scholar of science and technology and a candidate of technical sciences, Professor  S. Hovnanian). The graduates obtained the diploma of communications engineer from 1957 to 1978. The chair prepared engineers in three specializations such as  “Bridges and transportation tunnels”; “Construction of Railways”, “Linear Economy” with the qualification of the engineer-constructors.

The department of “Railways, Bridges and Tunnels” focus on development of the railways, bridges, tunnels particularly in exploring all engineering structures used in road construction. The main directions of the department are
• Research, design and operation of railways,
• Design and exploitation of bridges,
• Construction of bridges,
• Design of transportation tunnels
• Construction of transportation tunnels.

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