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Chair of Physical Education and Sports

The Chair of Physical Education and Sports was established in 2007. The legend of the Armenian football Hovhannes Zanazanyan was the head of the Chair from 2007 to 2015. The main emphasis of the Chair is on chess, football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball and swimming. The students can participate in physical education classes or attend any of the existing clubs according to their choice.

NUACA’s “Engineer” football team became the champion of Student League and in 2010 it took the second place in the same Championship in 2009. Our team won the third place in the “Prime Minister’s Cup” futsal championship in 2011. The team participated in the 7th International Futsal Tournament organized by the “Armenia’s Student Association of the Islamic Republic of Iran” NGO in 2014 and, in the conditions of strong competition, NUACA’s “Engineer” football team won the title of the champion.

NUACA’s chess club named after “Tigran Petrosyan-80” opened its doors in 2010 for the university students to conduct their chess classes. Here the children and grandchildren of University staff make their first steps taught by the specialized lecturers of the Chair. We have also made great strides in chess. Every year we participate in “Caucasus Is Our Common Home” international festival-contest being held in Rostov, Russian Federation and frequently become a winner. In 2014 our chess team became the winner of the aforementioned festival-contest. Many times we were award winners of inter-university championships. Our girls’ chess team took the honourable third place in inter-university championship in 2015 being behind only from the teams of State Institute of Physical Culture and Yerevan State University that gave the opportunity to our girls’ chess team to participate in the University Chess Championship of Europe held in Yerevan from 6 to 11 October 2015.

In 2015 NUACA men’s “Engineer” basketball team won the title of the winner of the Men’s Basketball Premier League of Armenia for the 3rd time.

In 2015 NUACA was awarded with the letter of appreciation by the RA Ministry of Sports and Youth for the improvement of students’ physical features, massive sporting events held among them, rooted principles for their healthy lifestyle and highest results in several sporting activities.

By the decision of the NUACA Scientific Council the Chair released 2 books on chess, a manual on football and on basketball respectively, and a guidebook on physical education and healthy lifestyle of students (Authors: H.H. Zanazanyan, H.S. Badalyan, E.L. Davtyan and R.A. Chatinyan) during 2013-2014.

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  2. L. Davtyan, “Basketball. Teaching and Training for HEI students”, guidebook, Yerevan, NUACA, 2013, 88 pages.
  3. A. Chatinyan, G.S. Khanamiryan, “Tigran Petrosyan. Chronicle of struggle for the Chess Crown”, Yerevan, NUACA, 2013, 208 pages in Russian.
  4. A. Chatinyan, “Rafael Vahanyan. Incredible Victories”, Yerevan, NUACA, 2014, 132 pages.
  5. H. Zanazanyan, H.S. Badalyan, “Football. Teaching and Training for HEI students”, guidebook, Yerevan, NUACA, 2014, 60 pages.
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The Chair participates in all student competitions held jointly with the RA Student Sports Federation and the RA Ministry of Education and Science.

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