University with a 100-Year History

Chair of hydroconstruction, water systems and hydroelectric power plants

The mission of preparing hydro-constructor-engineers was carried out by the Technical Department of Yerevan State University in 1921-1922 and continued by the Institute of Construction in 1930, Polytechnic Institute in 1933 and Institute of Architecture and Construction in 1989.

As an independent specialized Chair it was formed in 1936. The first head of the Chair was the engineer R. Mayer (1936-1938), followed by Gurgen Ararqtsyan (1938-1972), Andik Ananyan (1972-1981), Alen Baghdasaryan (1981-1997) and Emil Khachatryan (1997-2006). 

Current Chair of Hydraulic Construction, Water Systems and Hydroelectric Power Plants was formed in the result of consolidation of Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Footings (SMF&F), Hydraulic Engineering (HE) and Water Supply and Drainage (WSD) chairs in May 2006. Currently, the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Emil Khachatryan heads the Chair of Hydraulic Construction, Water Systems and Hydroelectric Power Plants.

The Chair launches specialists in planning, construction and utilization of water structures. The academician I. Yeghiazarov, professors Ye. Safaryan, A. Ananyan, A. Azatyan, L. Manucharyan, G. Oganezov, M. Margarov, V. Hovsepyan, T. Khachatryan, O. Saponjyan, V. Valesyan, associate professors V. Torgomyan, G. Ararqtsyan, G. Gyonjyan, Kh. Mashinyan, G. Qaramyan, G. Hakobyan, A. Baghdasaryan, H. Khachikyan, R. Karapetyan, R. Tsovyan, T. Petrosyan, L. Tsarakyan, V. Tokmajyan, R. Trozyan, G. Hambardzumyan, M. Poghosyan, K. Azatyan and others have highly contributed to the mission of preparing specialists of the sphere.

For long years disciplines оn Hydro-technical Structures Construction have been taught by Gurgen Ararktsyan, Andik Ananyan, Gurgen Qaramyan, Khachatur Mashinyan, Gevorg Hakobyan, Hrant Khachikyan, Arshaluys Meliqsetyan, Rafael Karapetyan, Alen Baghdasaryan, Emil Khachatryan, Liparit Charakyan, Harutyun Hakobyan, Manuk Papikyan and Kamo Aghababyan.

Supervised by the prominent former soviet hydro-engineer H. Ter-Astvatsatryan the hydro-enginners of the Republic highly contributed in hydraulic construction endevours. During the past years the Chair graduates directly partook or supervised the construction works of more than 80 reservoirs, canals, pump stations, hydraulic systems, dwellings and cities in  the territory of the former Soviet Union and later in the Republic of Armenia, as well as constructed Sevan-Hrazdan irrigation-power supply cascade with its 6 hydropower stations, the 48km long Arpa-Sevan  and 21 km long Vorotan-Arpa tunnels, Yerevan and Hrazdan Hydropower Plants, the Power Plant of Armenia, Zvartnots Airport, Sports Complex, water and gas supply systems and structures.

In the Construction Department of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute the specialty on Water Supply and Sanitation was established in 1956-1957 academic year. In 1962 the Chair of Engineering Hydrology, Water Supply and Sanitation was formed in the Institute headed by the Doctor of Science, Professor V. Valesyan, followed by PhD, Professor Martuni Poghosyan (1977-1983), PhD, Associate Professor K. Azatyan (1983-1989), PhD, Associate Professor R. Yepremyan (2000-2004), Doctor of Science, Professor Martuni Poghosyan (2004-2006).

For the long period Martun Poghosyan, Karapet Azatyan, Evelina Atayan, Rudolf Yepremyan, Mels Hakhinyan, Shura Khangeldyan, Albert Voskanyan, Harutyun Baloyan, Arben Ghulyan, Razmik Peterotyan, Khachatur Khachatryan, Vilik Sargsyan, Robert Khachatryan, Marat Torgomyan, Seda Tadevosyan, Armen Sergoyan, Mher Mkrtchyan have worked and contributed to the Chair’s academic and scientific mission. 

The faculty members of the Chair conducted research works on water supply and sanitation issues in Yerevan and some other Armenian settlements and industrial enterprises, and, in particular, оn the determination of water demand norms, development of water supply technics in Armenia, pressure water pipelines and Yerevan drainage system structures.

In 1968-75 Yerevan Polytechnic Institute had the Chair of Foundations, Footings and Construction Materials the head of which was PhD and associate professor Gurgen Qaramyan.

Up to 1982 Gurgen Qaramyan, Harutyun Antonyan, Yuri Avetikyan, Galerik Shekyan and Sarkis Nurijanyan have taught the “Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Footings” discipline. The Chair’s faculty also teaches some other majors, such as Engineering Geology, Environmental Protection and Ecology.

In 1984 Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vruyr Sargsyan was elected as the head of Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Footings Chair. Doctor of Science, Professor Sargis Nurijanan, PhD and associate professors Galerik Shekyan, Simon Ananyan, Simon Sargsyan, Armen Babayan, chief lecturer Emil Saratikyan have worked in the Chair.

Currently, the Chair of Hydraulic Construction, Water Systems and Hydroelectric Power Plants prepares engineering specialists in two directions:

  1. Hydro-technical Construction,
  2. Water Supply and Sanitation.


The faculty of the Chair delivered many scientific reports both in local and international conferences and symposiums. The academic personnel of the Chair  is aimed at helping to solve a number of important issues. It is projected to construct more than 300 small hydropower stations on the rivers of the Republic, hydropower plants on Araqs and Debet rivers, reconstruct and restore plenty of hydropower stations currently in use. The works on design and construction of Vedi, Kaps, Yeghvard and other reservoirs, as well as irrigation gravity systems, the regulation of groundwater levels in the Ararat Valley, and the utilization of saline and extra-wet soils have already been launched. The works proceed on the construction of new systems for water supply and sewerage and reconstruction of existing ones, together with academic preparation courses for starter specialists and ongoing trainings for current engineers.

Кhachatryan Emil Doctor of technical sciences, professor
Shamyan Varuzhan Levon Candidate of technical science, docent
Shekyan Galerik Associate Professor, PhD
Sergoyan Armen Candidate of technical sciences
Niksaryan Mariam Lecturer