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Chair of geoecology and biosafety

The establishment of the Chair is conditioned by the of the Republic of Armenia’s international commitments in the spheres of mandatory ecological education and environmental protection.

The Division of Educational Reforms was created at the University in 2006  to localize Bologna principles and introduce the European experience of leading universities at our University. The division had to launch specialized educational programmes based on the experience of leading world universities and  create conditions for bachelor and master’s qualifications in the “Ecological Expertise” specialty.

The Chair of Geoecology and Biosafety was established in 2007 at the Faculty of  Architecture and Construction by the Rector’s decree and facilitation of the Scientific Council while the Ministry of Education and Science of the RA approved the curricula of modules such as “Ecological Expertise”, “Environmental Protection and Reasonable Use of Natural Resources”, “Safety in Emergency  Situations”, etc.  

The Chair aims to create favorable conditions in three directions of studies for the organization of the optimal educational process, implementation of scientific achievements and enhancement of material and technical database. Teaching and research directions of the Chair include the processes of construction and architectural design, safety of buildings and structures as well as environmental issues.

The Chair realizes its educational and research activities in compliance with the state legislation. It aims to make the profession of the architect and ecologist more attractive and stimulate the rise of these specialists’ role in the country. In 2010, based on the contract signed with the “National Bureau of Expertise”, our students are granted with the opportunity to deepen their professional education in the laboratories equipped with modern tools, which dramatically change the effectiveness of learning. NUACA has similar contracts with many other scientific and industrial associations. The learning process of students is being tested and assessed daily by interviews and  regular attestations.

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