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University with a 100-Year History

Chair of Design

The Chair was founded in August of 2010 as a new direction in NUACA education. However, training in this specialty had been launched since 2007 within the faculty of “Planning and Computer Design” and had its first BA and MA graduates in 2010-2011.

Design as a contemporary art form of its own is multi-sector in its nature and complex in the organization of its teaching process. Hence, it is extremely important to educate young professionals and accentuate their professional preparation righteously. Love and professional orientation towards this specialization should originate still in school age and the Chair leadership, professors and faculty together with its many students support this initiative. Professional orientation efforts are aimed at clarification of professional issues related to the discipline of design and differentiation of its functional opportunities in the fields of graphic, architectural, industrial and other environments for which the Chair applies the following methods:

  • visits to art schools including vocational college of Fine Arts named after Terlemezyan, Drawing School named after H. Kojoyan, Yerevan College Number 14, Yerevan State Humanitarian-Technical College, Fine Arts College of Hrazdan city;
  • organization of events and study visits to Yerevan and Stepanakert secondary schools;
  • meetings of secondary schools students at NUACA with introduction and orientation sessions on design laboratories, specialized auditoriums, practical works of University students;
  • attendance of secondary school students in exhibitions organized by the Chair;
  • organization of professional interviews on design.

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