University with a 100-Year History

Chair of construction industry technology and management

The chair was established in 1942. The origins of TOCI chair started from “Technology of Construction Materials”, “Construction Art” and “Building Structures” chairs of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. The chair included “Construction Machinery”, “Construction Works”, “Construction Management and Planning”, as well as “Construction Industry Enterprises” subjects that were taught in construction and hydraulic engineering faculties. Later, “Construction Economics”, “Installation of Building Structures”, “Mechanization of Construction Works” and “Technology of Construction Industry” subjects were included in the curriculum.

Laboratory of construction machinery, study of construction management, planning and economics, later also laboratory of technology of construction industry and building structures were created in the chair however after YSUAC establishment the subject of economics were given to a profile chair. Currently, no laboratory works are envisaged in curriculum of the chair. The lecturers and graduates of the chair always participated in scientific-research and design works related to the most important issues and objects of national economy. More than 50 monographs were created in the chair and more than 330 articles were published in national and union journals and collections.

In more than 80 years of chair existence close relations were established with Moscow Civil Engineering University named after V.V.Kuybishev and Kiev Civil Engineering University. The scientific advisers of postgraduates of the chair were such prominent scientists as L.I.Abramov, N.N.Danilov, T.M.Shtol, A.K.Shreyber, V.I.Ribalski, etc.

The lecturers and graduates of the chair have managed and are now managing large construction companies and provide financial assistance both to native university and also in construction of unique objects of Armenia, such as new branches of Matenadaran. The chair employees participated in design and technical supervision works of numerous buildings, particularly the French and Russian Embassies, RUSAL-ARMENAL, Northern Avenue, all cultural buildings in the framework of Lincy Foundation, Hotel complexes of Tsaghkadzor, reconstruction of Echmiadzin Cathedral complex, etc.

Main orientation of the chair: “Technology and Organization of Construction Industry”. The scientific-research activities performed in the chair mainly relate to:

  • Technological processes of construction industry;
  • Regulation of construction normalization;
  • Improvement of construction technology and organization in emergency situations.

International Cooperation – The chair cooperates with “Technology and Organization of Construction Industry” chair of Moscow State Construction University mainly to get acquainted with and if possible to purchase new professional literature. Communication is provided through former employees of the chair S.Hambardzumyan, G.Badeyan and A.Mkhitaryan who were engaged in eager activities in the construction field in Moscow.

The content of topics concerning the construction safety was compared and approved during the lectures of Professor Mr. Moskella who arrived from Italy.

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Grigoryan Vardges Head of Chair doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Ghulyan Armine Candidate in technical science
Grigoryan Vahan Vahram PhD, associate professor
Enoqyan Karine Assistant
Vasilyeva Albina Assistant
Poghosyan Vazgen Volodya Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Tonoyan Araksia Doctor of technical science, associate professor