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Chair of Architectural Design and Design of Architectural Environment

From the  very first years of the formation of the architectural education in Armenia the Chair of Architecture,  one of the oldest cradles of  Yerevan Polytechnic Institute’s sciences, has become a leading chain.  The Chair’s main task was to prepare architect-designers. Definitely it would be impossible to realize the enormous construction activities carried out over several decades in our country without those specialists. Armenia’s architectural education was recognized among  the best schools of architecture in the former Soviet Union countries the evidence of which were the impressive results of our graduation papers and draft projects in all-union review meetings during the Soviet years.

During those early years the basic tradition of the Chair was established as well when the most talented, creative and leading architects were being invited to teach the core subjects and guide research activities assigned to students. Hence, this tradition is the primary focus of the Chair till now.

In 1990 by the establishment of the Faculty of Architecture, as well as by the increase in the number of students’ admission the Chair of Architectural Design became the eminent leading Chair which carried out the main course and diploma projects in practice, as well as delivered lectures and tutorials related to the theory of residential, public and industrial buildings, design of architectural environment, architectural constructions and other branches of design basics.

The Chair has actual and practical significance in research activities, as well as in the development of scientific themes and post graduate education  support. Participating in graduation works in international contest-reviews Armenia’s architectural school continued showing its best features with its graduates  winning the highest awards and keeping  our “school” in the highest ranks among the top scorers in the second half of 1990s .  Leading Chair of Architectural design surely had its great contribution in those achievements.

Success of Chair would be impossible without the inclusion of distinguished architects in its works. As a result, leading Chair of Architecture is currently one of the greatest ones in the University with its large number of faculty members, many of whom are doctors, professors, candidates of architecture, associate professors, state and other awards’ recipients. Many of them are the authors of  major architectural complexes, as well as separate facilities for different purposes. Some of them serve as benchmark of the architectural development having the wide public acceptance and recognition. Their architectural complexes and buildings decorate not only our capital but many other residential areas of the country. Leading specialists of the Chair continue their creative activities complementing to the architectural heritage of our country. They inherit their rich experience, knowledge and skills to younger generation, and hence this is the pledge of typical high rank of our  school of architecture. One of the components of the Chair’s portrait is the undeniable creative potential of its powerful team of architects.

Transition and integration processes to the European education system create new challenges for the Chair which are being addressed quite successfully.

“Bachelor of Architecture” is the first level of higher education with its 4 years of duration requiring state exams and graduation paper defense.The main direction of Bachelor studies are design of buildings and structures mainly headed by the Chair of Architectural Design. The second level is the two-year master program after the successful completion of which by the defense of  the thesis paper the degree of the “Master of Architecture” or the “Master of Architecture Design” is awarded.

Several professional classifications are possible during the credential assessment in the following directions:

  • Public buildings and complexes;
  • Residential buildings and complexes;
  • Industrial and other buildings;
  • Design of Architectural Environment.

Education in the above-mentioned areas is also organized in the frames of the Chair of Architectural Design and Design of Architectural Environment.

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Rashidyants Karen Honored architect of Armenia, Head of Department, , PhD, professor
Shatvoryan Armen Associate Dean PhD, associate professor                              
Sardaryan Sargis Honored architect of Armenia, Professor
Karen Azatyan Doctoral Candidate in Architecture, Assistant Professor
Sargsyan Emilia Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) in Architecture, Position Professor.
Manukyan Tigran Doctor of Architecure, Associate Professor
Ayvazyan Hayk Ervand Associate Professor
Mkrtchyan Hayk Architect
Barseghyan Tigran Candidate of Architecture, professor
Sargsyan Albert Lecturer
Аbgaryan Koryun Lecturer
Stepanyan Knarik Lecturer
Isakhanyan Gohar Assistant