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University with European Accreditation

National University of Architecture
and Construction of Armenia

University with European Accreditation

Bulletin of Builders Union of Armenia


Editorial Council

Yuri Safaryan (editor-in-chief, doctor of science (architecture), RA),  Narine Pirumyan (vice editor-in-chief, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), RA), Gurgen Minasyan (executive secretary), Pargev  Baldgyan (doctor of science (engineering), RA), Eduard Bezoyan (doctor of science (engineering), RA),   Tigran Dadayan (doctor of science (engineering), Gagik Galstyan (doctor of science (engineering), RA),  RA), Givi Gavardashvili (doctor of science (engineering), Georgia), Vardges Grigoryan (doctor of science (engineering), RА), Emil Khachatryan (doctor of science (engineering), RA) Eduard Khachiyan (doctor of science (engineering), RA), Albert Margaryan (doctor of science (engineering), RA), Tigran Martirosyan (doctor of science (economics),  RA), Mihran Stakyan (Doctor of science (engineering), RA), Arestak  Sarukhanyan  (doctor  of  science  (engineering),  RA), Manvel Poghosyan (doctor of science (engineering), RA), Garry Rashidyan (doctor of science (architecture), RA), Chjen  Ventan  (doctor  of  science  (economics),  P.R.C.)



Articles can be presented in Armenian, Russian or English (3-8 pages including the text, formulas, tables and drawings).

Requested formatting for papers

Page format A 4 (210 x 296 mm)
Text field 170 x 252 mm
Margins top, left, right – 20 mm,  bottom  – 25 mm
Font size 11pt
Line spacing 1,35
Font of the text

Armenia – Sylfaen,

Russian –  Times New Roman

English – Times New Roman

1. On the upper left side of the page should be mentioned Universal Decimal classification – not less than 6 digits (UDC) (, and on the right side – the section of the article (capitalized and boldfaced).
2. Name(s) of author(s) should be written on the next line and directly below it (in brackets)
3. Title of the article should be located one line below (center adjusted, 11 font, boldfaced).
4. Abstract is located one lines below the title of article not more than 50…60 words, and key words are written directly below the abstract (Italic) – 5…6 words.
5. The main body of the text is located one lines below the abstract. Paragraphs should begin with an indentation of 10 mm.
6. The article can contains tables, illustrations and drawings. Illustrations and tables should be numbered and located in the text next to where they have been sited. Tables should be headlined, illustrations should be cut-lined (10pt, Bold, Italic). The headline of a table should be located above it (10pt, Bold, Italic). If the article contains only one table or/and one illustration, numbering is not necessary. Numerical date in tables should not be repeated in graphic materials.
7. The SI (Italic) system of units of measurement should be used.
8. Formulas should be written in Microsoft Equation (center  adjusted, 11pt, Italic). Basic formulas should have numbering in brackets (right adjusted)
9. References used in the article should have continuous numbering in square brackets like [1], [2]…
10. Directly one line below the main body of the text the items 2 to 4 should be repeated in the languages which differ from the main one.
11. Two lines below the word References must be mentioned and literary sources  should be presented according to standard.
12. A line below must be given information about the author (s) (in Armenian, Russian and English) –N.S., degree, title, name of organization (institution), position, phone number, e-mail, and the date when the article is represented.

Accompanying documents

  • One example of the article on A4 paper and its electronic version (article in DOC format, illustrations in JPEG).


  1. The author presents the article to Printing and Information Center. Printing and Information Center registers the article in the journal.
  2. The article within 2 days should be hand in to the executive secretary of the
  3. The executive secretary, with the visa of the chief editor, within 3 days represents the article to the member of the editorial board for a review.
  4. In case of positive decision of the reviewer the article is accepted for publication. In case of a negative conclusion, the article is returned to the author for revision.


  • Bulletin of Builders’ Union of Armenia. Proceedings of scientific works¦ ( ISSN 1829-4693) are published by recommendation of Academic Council of NUACA аnd satisfies the requirements to periodic proceedings presented by Supreme certifying committee of RA for publishing the main results and the provisions of candidate and doctoral dissertations. Established in 2014. Published 1 times a year.


  1. 1. Architecture (ԺԸ.00.01)
  2. Technical sciences
  • Construction (all specialties Ե.23.01, Ե.23.02, Ե.23.03, Ե.23.04, Ե.23.05, Ե.23.06)
  1. Earth sciences
  • Geo-ecology (only the specialties of ԻԴ.04.01, ԻԴ.04.02)
  1. 4. Economics (only the specialties of Ը.00.02, Ը.00.05, Ը.00.08)

The journal is oriented towards the wide range of scientists, researchers and engineers.


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