Université Nationale d'Architecture et de Construction D'Arménie

Vardanyan  Hrachya


Date  of  birth,  month,  day  01.01.1955

Adress  41/25 Nazarbekyan, Yerevan

Phone  +374 10 27-56-08,  +374 95 41-73-93

E – mail   hrachya.vardanyan@gmail.com

Nationality   Republic of Armenia

Education and trainings

  • 1973-1978  Graduate from Polytechnical Institute of Yerevan (Faculty of Architecture and engineering, spec.Architect).
  • 2008 Training of state agents at the Armenian State University of Economics.

Work experience

  • 1978-1994   Ministry of Light Industry of the Armenian SSR, Committee of special construction design, Architect and Head of Department of Architecture.
  • 1994-1997  Ministry of Light Industry of the Armenian SSR,  Head of Construction.
  • 1997-1999  Ajapnyak District Municipality; Chief Architect.
  • 1995-2005 Yerevan Munisipality, Head of Urban development SCSJC, assistant to Chief architect of Yerevan.
  • 2005- to present National   University of Architecture and Construction Fondation; Lecturer.
  • 2007-2010 Government of RA; Chief Specialist of Urban and Regional Development.
  • 1993 to present “Hrachya Vardanyan” LLC; founder and chief architect.

Academic fields, directions

  • Research on architecture component of neutralization of seismic threat
  • Design of living blocks, public and industrial buildings.

Participation in projecting, scientific  research or other programs

  • 1976 Laureate of prize by Lenin Young Communist Union of Armenia for Aesthetic upbringing of youth, active concert activity and high level performance as a member of  chamber orchestra of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute.
  • 2007 Tender of Armenia PanArmenian Fund; order of capital renovation of two regional hospitals in Nagorno Karabakh.
  • 2008-2009 Tender of RA Ministry of Urban development; order of capital renovation and reconstruction of 16 school and public    buildings
  • 2008 /encouragement prize/ competition of Armenian National hotel in Imeretian valley in Sochi in the framework of Olympic games
  • 2009 Acknowledgment of RA Chief Architect  for active participation in Development of Armenian architecture, fruitful design activity and for creativeness.
  • 2010 competition of Intercontinental hotel complex located at the place of the former Youth palace  building
  • 2013 Competition of  America Bank Branch building in Vardanants Square, Gyumri
  • 2009 Best Design of the year and 1st rank diploma in the category of the Year’s best public building for the design of the administrative building of Unitrans International LLC in the exhibition organized by RA Ministry of Urban Development
  • 2004-2007 Participation in international architecture workshops by Romualdo del Bianco foundation in Florence, Italy as a lecturer of the Architecture Design Chair in the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction.
  • 2007 Awarding as 2nd rank advisor by the RA Prime Minister
  • 2009 to present member of advisory committee to Yerevan city mayor for urban development, environment, communication and transportation
  • 2008 Inclusion of designs in architect-researcher Tigran Harutyunyan’s thesis “Stylistic peculiarities of post Soviet Armenian Architecture” for obtaining scientific architecture candidate degree at Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction
  • 2010 inclusion of projects in the catalogue of Venice Biennale
  • 2012, December; Presentation of four projects in architecture Pechaqucha in Yerevan /see; http://youtu.be/eLcvnOquXQY/
  • Presentation of the projects in electronic magazines and websites; /The city and the competition, http://www.forma.spb.ru/archiblog/2013/02/23/rachja-vardanian/:  www.forma.spb.ru, архиблог.шу,February 23,2013/
  • The design of the Rest and Entertaining complex in Tsakhkadzor obtained likes for 1200 users in Interesting Engineering website https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=287712937965084&set=a.139188862817493.25247.139188202817559&type=3&theater
  • 2014 Second rank diploma in the international competition in Year’s Best design category, organized by Vaticam.com  for The design of the Rest and Entertaining complex in Tsakhkadzor /http://vatikam.com/profiles/1654/
  • 2016  First rank diploma in the international competition in Organic Architecture category, organized by Vaticam.com  for The design of the Armenian Hotel in Imeretian Valley in Sochi in the framework of Olympic games  /http:vatikam.com/portfolios/11804/.
  • Arshak Hakobyan and Erebuni Khachikyan, students of Fundation of  National University of Architecture and Construction obtained first prizes in REA international student competitions with the works supervised by Hrachya Vardanyan.
  • 2001 Supervision of thesis work for reconstruction of Cascade complex by Ashot Munster , student at Munich Architecture University.
  • 2014-2016 winner of the tenders by CH2MHILL INC. Armenia Office for Reconstruction design of  Laboratory buildings of Yerevan Central Facility and Kapan, Geghrakunik and Lori regional branches of National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of Ministry of Health on RA.
  • Three scientific publications and a dozen of articles in the field of public architecture.
  • Red Cross health complex next to St George church in Mughni.
  • 13 storey apartment block in 16 Makar Yekmalyan street, Yerevan.
  • 7 storey administrative building in  22 Mher Mkrtchyan street, Yerevan.
  • 9 Storey apartment block in 2 M. Baghramyan 1st block, Yerevan.
  • 9 storey apartment block in Tumanyan str. in Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh.
  • Central facility (Yerevan) and Regional Branch Laboratories (Lori, Kapan, Geghrakunik) of NCDCP of MoH, RA.



  • Armenian,
  • Russian

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