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Range of Professional Activities

  • Construction and operation of buildings, structures, water supply, drainage, gas supply, electricity supply, road engineering, infrastructure and communications, as well as landscape, environmental and recreational facilities.
  • Waste removal management in cities (settlements). Construction of certain structures required for waste recycling as well as operation of the equipment. 


  1.  Main Issues Being Solved Throughout the Professional Activities:

To create an optimal management operating system, considering the scope of activities in urban economy and local conditions.

To provide the system with highly-qualified employees, engineering technical staff as well as modern technologies and work supplies.

To create active condominiums institution which will enable to involve the activity of the private sector. 


  • Characteristics of the Specialization in Urban Economy


The specialist has an opportunity to select and find a job of diverse scope of the fields as well as continue his/her education in that particular specialization if desires.   

The sanitary condition, attractiveness, living conditions of the population, technical condition and service level of the internal engineering systems of the buildings and the urban infrastructure are based upon the effective activity of the specialists of this field. 


  • Required Professional Knowledge 


To implement projects effectively in the future, while studying Urban Economics, the student gains knowledge in the scope of urban planning, architecture, construction, water supply and drainage, water supply in road construction, nature protection, etc.

Further, the student gains basic knowledge and design skills for urban infrastructure and engineering communication of buildings.

A student who desires to obtain this profession must have the basic knowledge of the natural sciences and mathematics, have a desire to earn a high degree in engineering, have an engineering and philosophical mindset, as well as strong willpower.

Dear Applicants,

We would like you to make a wise choice and wish you a bright future!


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