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The centuries-old cultural heritage plays a crucial role in the tourist attraction of Armenia. To present the Armenian historical-architectural valuable monuments both to foreigners and Diaspora on a professionally high level, to provide the field of preservation and management of the monuments with the required specialists, to design and carry out tour packages, meeting the flexible and up-to-date requirements, the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia has set out the academic programme of Service/Tourism/ specialty. The programme is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students. At the end of the programmes, the students will be able:

  • To work out development and organization principles and strategic plans for tourism.
  • To carry out a professional practical activity in the field of tourism.
  • To meet the topical requirements and fit in the tendencies of tourism development, due to their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

In the frames of the studies, the students will be able:

  • To analyze and estimate the role of service/tourism/ in the economic structure and the process of development of the country.
  • To master the principles of service management.
  • To explore the regional-based structural features and development of service/tourism/.
  • To develop projects of socio-cultural services and tourism management.
  • To gather, analyze and coordinate information regarding socio-cultural service and tourism 
  • To estimate the infrastructures of service/tourism/ 
  • To design new infrastructures for socio-cultural service
  • To develop the main directions for improving territorial organization and development of service/tourism/
  • To analyze the factors, topical tendencies, different types and geography of tourism  
  • To estimate the role and importance of ethnographic and religious values, national art and architecture in socio-cultural services and tourism development
  • To design and carry out tour packages for various purposes

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