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Production technology of construction materials, items, and structures is an academic programme corresponding to the international standards with its interesting and attractive teaching styles in the scope of technological design of construction materials, items and structures, and training production technologists, managers, and scientific personnel.  

The existing various raw materials in Armenia intended for the use in technology of construction materials, items and structures are being thoroughly presented with their characteristics throughout the academic programmes. Significant attention is given to the valuable volcanic tuffs, pumice, slag with a wide variety of petrographic, color and other characteristics and a rich raw material base which are the most valuable gems in the world of their kind and are in high demand in the international market interested in the production of construction materials and items. In this aspect, the mentioned rocks with significant chemical properties are being considered essential raw materials, especially for the latest nanotechnology. Further, this opens up excellent prospects on an international level for the student who is prone to scientific works to develop the latest high-quality construction materials and items and trade, resulting in greatest economic benefits both in our country and global market.

The academic programme of Production Technology of Construction Materials, Items, and Structures is conducted by highly qualified academic staff and education support personnel. The latest scientific research laboratory of the Construction Materials and Products of the University got engaged in professional quality assessment and control functions of construction materials and products (binders, fillers, rebars, concretes, asphalt concrete, natural and artificial lining and covering concrete, ferroconcrete materials, etc.) for construction and construction industrial companies in our republic of both new kinds for refining and those which are being applied with physical and mechanical and other properties.


Students who demonstrate high academic performance may participate in those paid activities while extracurricular hours. Meanwhile, they would gain much-needed practical experience and skills from experimental and quality control practices which are necessary for future professional activity. 

Along with the academic process and despite academic internships, the student will be actively engaged in the field of technology of construction materials, items and structures in Armenia, and well as in special cases will be engaged in teams of foreign leading production companies, and will acquire preliminary professional practical experience and skills from the main production processes as well as in the field of the development of technological projects of production flow lines and factory. 

The academic programme is designed to gain professional knowledge and qualification in the scope of topical full-time academic programmes, and a student can be sure that in the near future he/she will find a job in our country and abroad as well as set up a business in the field of technology of construction materials, items and structures or in the construction industry.


We are looking forward to engaging young people who want to gain high quality engineering knowledge, practical and research experience and skills in the scope of the entire construction industry, such as construction materials, planning technological projects for the manufacturing of products and constructions, management and operation of production as well as to set up business in this highly profitable industry.


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